Our Forest Studies

 Counting Saplings

 Forest Transect Line

 Hypsometer Reading

Forest Objectives

During the four day stay, student groups (A,B,C) working at the forest study site gather data that allows for an ongoing detailed comparison of the three associations. First, they are asked to identify and describe the plant and animal communities of each association. Second, they are asked to find and measure changes in the abiotic environment as they progress from the creek to the top of the hill. Last, using the data collected, they compare the three associations and speculate as to the cause or causes of the differences noted. Student thinking is guided by a series of questions requiring use of the data and by an essay they are asked to write prior to the close of camp. Each student group completes one major data gathering task each class period. Within the group, small teams, are assigned specific sub-tasks by the instructor. Six class periods are scheduled for each group to complete all of the tasks which include:

From the studies listed above and from the measurements made during the completion of these studies the students should be able to: